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How does registration work?
In-person registration begins at 8:00 a.m. March 7th.  Online registration opens at 8:00 a.m. on March 23rd.  It is on a first come, first served basis.  All weeks will remain open until the week is completely full.  You may also register at any Community Center. Campers may register for only one week. 

How are the groups divided?
The groups are divided by grade. If two campers want to be together and are not in the same grade, they should sit together at the camp benches when they get off the bus. We just ask the older child move down to the younger child's grade.

What if my child has a friend that they want to be in the same group with?
When campers get off the bus they should sit next to the friend they would like to be in a group with. The Camp Director will ask buddies to link arms and will count them off together into the same group.

How much does Camp Adams cost?
The week-long camp is $20 which includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, snack and a whole lot of fun!  

What time does camp run?
The camp is Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  Bus pick up and drop off times will be before and after these times.

What are the ages of children are able to attend Camp Adams?
Campers must have completed 1st grade through 7th grade by summer to attend camp.  There are no exceptions based on birthdays.

What are the bus times for my pick up site?
Specific bus times will be available in late spring. Bus times range from 7:30-8:15 am and 4:45-5:15 pm depending on bus routes.  Parents are required to be present at pick up times to pick up their child. Counselors will not be able to wait until parents arrive to pick up.

Are there refunds?
There is a 50% administrative fee on all refunds.

Are there scholarships available?
There are no scholarships available for Camp Adams at this time.

What activities do kids participate in at Camp Adams?
Campers participate in a wide variety of activities such as archery, canoeing, fishing, swimming, ice skating, nature hikes, an introduction to wildlife animals, arts and crafts, camp songs, gardening, water activities, guest speakers, and a variety of other outdoor recreational games.

Do the campers swim?
Campers will be swimming at Hitchcock Swimming Pool each week. Your child MUST HAVE A SWIMSUIT in order to swim. Sports shorts, cut-offs, or regular shorts ARE NOT ALLOWED

What is the supervision like?
Each group has about 20 campers with two counselors per group.  Counselors are all 18 and older.

What should my child wear?
Something old!  Campers will come home dirty!  Please make sure all clothing and shoes are suitable for hiking and playing outdoor games.  No skirts, flip-flops or open toed shoes.

What should my child bring with him to camp?
A small backpack is allowed at camp. Your child may want to bring a jacket or poncho in case of rain.  We suggest they bring a water bottle, bug spray, and sunscreen to take with them on hikes.  Do not send money, cell phones, or anything of value to your child.  The City of Omaha is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

What is the menu?
Each day breakfast and lunch includes the main dish, healthy sides such as fruits and vegetables and a drink.  Bomb Pops or Fudge Bars are provided for an afternoon snack.

What if my child is a picky eater?
Your child may bring a sack lunch for any day (no refrigeration is available).

Is there refrigeration available for sack lunches?
There is no refrigeration available for sack lunches.

Is there access to water?
Water is available at the Community Center as well as other water stations.  We encourage every camper to bring a water bottle and keep it filled at all times in order to keep hydrated.

What if there is severe weather?
If there is rain, camp continues as normal with most activities done inside the Adams Park Community Center.  If the weather becomes severe, all campers will move into the Adams Park Community Center.  Each Monday morning a tornado drill is practiced so campers know what to do in case of emergency.

What if my child has medication?
The staff cannot be responsible for holding or administering medication, with the exception of an epi pen in case of emergencies.

What if I need to pick my child up early one day?
Please call the Adams Park Community Center directly, 444-5164, to let them know when you will be picking your child up.  They can arrange to have your camper waiting for you at the Adams Park Community Center.  You will need to sign them out and show picture identification.

What if my child gets sick or injured while at camp?
If your child gets sick or is injured, we will notify you immediately.  The staff is certified in CPR and First Aid.

Are there counselors on the bus?
There is one counselor on the bus every day.

How do I get to Camp Adams?


Adams Park Community Center

3230 John Creighton Blvd

Omaha, NE 68111

(402) 444-5164


From the west: From I-80 East, take Hwy 75 North, then take the Lake Street exit and turn left going west on Lake Street.  Take a right (north) on 33rd Street and continue over the hill where you will run into the Adams Park Community Center.  Parking is in the front and the rear of the building.    
Coming from the south: Take Hwy 75 North, then take the Lake Street exit and turn left going west on Lake Street.  Take a right (north) on 33rd Street and continue over the hill where you will run into the Adams Park Community Center.  Parking is in the front and the rear of the building.   

Coming from the north: Take 30th Street south to Bedford Street and take a right going west on Bedford Street.  Take a left going south on John Creighton Blvd and continue around the bend in which the Adams Park Community Center will be on your right as you approach 33rd Street.  Parking is in the front and the rear of the building.   

What if I have other questions about Camp Adams?

Contact Shawn Peoples at (402) 444-5164 or shawn.peoples@cityofomaha.org

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