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2304 S 135th Ave.
Supervisor: Cati DeMasi

*Montclair Gym gym will not be available for any rentals until all repairs are complete.*

PLEASE NOTE:  Full payment is required at time of rental.  All prices include applicable taxes. 

- Rental times are inclusive of all set up and clean up times. For example, if the event is from 1:00-3:00 p.m. and plans to decorate before and clean up after, the rental time and charge will apply to 12:30-3:30 p.m.

- All after hours rentals and all rentals over 2 hours are subject to a $100 damage deposit at time of rental.  The deposit will be returned in the form it was received (check or refund on the credit card used to book the rental) if renter meets all refund criteria.  Cash and check refunds will be issued from City of Omaha Finance Department within 5 weeks.  

- After hours rentals are subject to staff availability.  Requests rentals must be made at least two weeks in advance.

- An alcohol permit is required for any event serving alcohol.  Permit application and fee are due at least 30 days before rental.  alcohol is not permitted during pool rentals. 

- At renter's expense, security may also be required depending on number of guests and if alcohol is served.  

- Rentals past 11:00 pm must be approved by City Council, requiring a minimum of 30 days' advance notice and subject to City Council meeting timelines and agenda processes. 

- If the event is cancelled by the renter, a 50% administrative fee will be charged.  Returned checks will be charged a $30 administrative fee.

- For events scheduled during open hours, the gym, pool, game room, remains open to the public.  

Senior and Meeting Room Pricing                                                                        
-$34/hour for each room rented plus staff fees if after regular building hours and                      
-$16/hour for each staff required if outside regular building hours.  
Staff is required for after hours rentals.  Security may also be required at the renter's expense, depending on number of guests and if alcohol is served.

Birthday Party Package Pricing                                                                              
-Saturdays and Sundays only during open swim hours
-$75/ two hours for the downstairs meeting room + 20 pool admissions.  Additional swimmers will pay individually at the front desk on the day of the party.  All pool rules and building policies apply.

Gym Rental Pricing - PLEASE NOTE: the gym is not currently available for rental due to maintenance issues. 

Half Gym: $34/hour                                                                                                                            

Full Gym: $50/hour                                                                                                                 Additional $16/hour for each staff required if outside regular building hours. Staff is required for after hours rentals. Security may also be required depending on the number of guests.  Other restrictions apply to gym rentals; please inquire if you wish to book for any other purpose than physical activity. 

After Hours Pool Rental Pricing                                                                                     
$100 damage deposit and $302.00/ two hours for four lifeguards, a pool operator and front desk staff.
  These are all required staff.  Groups of more than 100 people and/or more than 2 hours will need additional lifeguards at $16.00 per hour.  Minimum of two weeks' advance reservation required and subject to staff availability. No alcohol allowed during pool parties. 



Dimensions:  94 x 72
Bleachers: 2 (seating 100 people total)

The gym has a full basketball court. and a screen divider for half-courts.  There are receptacles for volleyball standards and taped lines for 3 Pickleball courts.


Senior Room: 

Dimensions 42' x 42'
Tables: 9 rectangular (6' x 2.5')
Chairs: 54
Capacity: 90
Kitchen: Microwave
Refrigerator (Limited Space)
Freezer (Limited Space)
No access to oven/stovetop, coffee maker, popcorn machine, serving utensils, etc. 



Meeting Room:

Dimensions  27' x 33'
Tables 7 rectangular (6' x 2.5')
Chairs 32
Capacity 35

Small serving counter, sink, and fridge/freezer inside room. While the room overlooks the pool, access to the pool from this room is not permitted for renters. 


Game Room:

Dimensions:  63' x 63'
Tables: 5 round (5' diameter)
Chairs: 30
Games: Pool
Ping Pong
Air Hockey

The Game Room is also outfitted with vending machines (machines are not the property of Omaha Parks and Recreation).

This space is not available for rent but access is included in any facility rentals.




Features Six-lane short course swimming pool
ADA Accessible
One-Meter Diving Board
Floating Alligator Feature

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