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 Daily Rates

Pools 2 and under 3-17 years Adults Seniors 55+
Camelot, Cryer, Hanscom, Hitchcock, Karen, Lee Valley, Miller, Spring Lake
Free $1.00 $2.00 $1.00
Mockingbird, Montclair, Elkhorn, Roanoke, Deer Ridge, Elmwood, Gallagher, Oak Heights Free $3.00 $4.00 $3.00
Zorinsky Water Park
Free $4.00 $5.00 $4.00

*Checks are no longer accepted at any outdoor pool

Pool Passes - Seasonal passes will be available for purchase beginning May 1st

Pool passes are great for any time of year. We carry a variety of passes, both annual and seasonal and also offer an Adventure Card which can be used at our indoor pools.

Annual Pass
This pass can only be used for scheduled Lap Swims at Montclair and Mockingbird's Indoor Pools.

Adult Pass $175
Senior Pass $150


Season Pass:
Summer (June - August) - Good at all outdoor and indoor pools, except Common Ground.

Winter (September - May) Can be used for both open swim and lap swim. Good at Montclair and Mockingbird's indoor pools.

Child Seasonal Pass $75
Senior Seasonal Pass $75
Adult Seasonal Pass $100
Household Seasonal Pass $175


1. Household Seasonal Passes can have 6 people per pass; 2 adults max. $20 for each extra child.

2. Summer Pool Passes can be purchased prior to the pool open dates at Montclair and Mockingbird Hills Community Centers or purchased at all City of Omaha pool locations when they open.

3. Passes are non-transferable. 

4. Pool passes are not sold online. Summer Pool Passes are issued to you when you purchase the pass in person.

Do you visit the pools often but don't think you quite need a seasonal pass?  Try a multi-visit punchcard! It can be used at all City of Omaha pool locations except Common Ground. Each punch is good for one Child, Adult, or Senior admission.  And best of all, they never expire!  Punchcards can currently be purchased at Montclair and Mockingbird Hills Community Centers.  During the summer, these can be purchased at the outdoor pools as well.

20 admissions    $50 

News and Events

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    2019-11-25 19:28:25

    HEARTLAND OF AMERICA PARKIn preparation for the Riverfront Revitalization Project's next phase, Heartland of America Park will be closed for all users as of 6:00 AM on Monday, December 2, 2019.  The park will r ...

  • Bathrooms on North Side of Zorinsky Lake Closed

    2019-10-09 14:48:00

    The bathrooms on the North side of Zorinsky Lake, east of 168th Street, are closed due to a lift station. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience in advance. If you have any questions, please ...

  • Riverfront Trail Closure - 9/25

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      Effective immediately, May 31, 2019, two sections of the Riverfront Trail will be closed.  A section of the trail from Crown Point Avenue & Ida Street to John Pershing Drive & the Minne Lusa Ditch al ...

  • NP Dodge Park CLOSED Due To Elevated River Levels

    2019-03-14 15:27:04

    (Omaha, NE – March 14th, 2019) – Due to heavy rains and the rising levels of the Missouri River, the City of Omaha Parks Department will be closing NP Dodge Park effective immediately.  Facility ...