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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha ParksOmaha, Nebraska

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The City of Omaha parks are open daily and close from the hours of 11 pm to 5 am.

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28th & Craig - Lease
A.V. Sorensen Community Center
Adams Community Center
Adams Park
Al Veys
Albright Park
Andersen Park
Annette and Richard Bloch Cancer Survivor's Park
Antler Park
Applewood Heights Park
Armbrust Park
Athletic Park
Autumn Heights Park
Barrington Park
Bay Meadows Park
Bedford Place Park
Bemis Park
Benson Community Center
Benson Golf
Benson Lions Park
Benson Park
Bent Creek Park
Binney / Wirt / Spencer Park
Bluff View Park
Bowling Green Park
Brookside Park
Brown Park
Bryan Park
Camelot Community Center
Candlewood II
Center / West Horizons Park
Center Park
Chapel Hill
Christie Heights Community Center
Christie Heights Park
Churchich Park
Clarkson Park
Cody Park
Colonial Acres Park
Columbus Community Center
Columbus Park
Common Ground
Conoco Park
Cottonwood Heights Park
Cottonwood Park
Country Club Manor Park
Crosskey Villages Park
Crown Point Park
Cryer Pool
Cuming Corner
Dahlman Park
Deer Hollow Park
Deer Ridge Park
Democracy Park
Dewey Park
Discovery Park
Discovery Soccer Complex
Dorothy Patach
Elk Creek Crossing
Elmwood Park
Englewood Park
Erskine Park
Escalante Hills
Essex Park
Esther Pilster Park
Fair Meadows
Faye Blvd
Fillmore Park
Fire Ridge
First National Business Park
Florence Community Center
Florence Park
Fontenelle Park
Forest Lawn Park
Franklin Park
Freedom Park
Gallagher Park
Gene Leahy Mall
Gerald Ford Birthplace
Gifford Park
Gifford River Drive
Glenn Cunningham Lake
Goodman Golf Course
Grace Young Park
Graham Triangle Park
Greentree Park
H. H. Harper Park
Hanscom Park
Happy Hollow Park
Harrison Heights Park
Harvey Oaks Park
Heartland of America
Hefflinger Park
Highland Park
Hillsborough Park
Hillside Little League Park
Himebaugh Park
Hitchcock Park
Horizon Park
Hummel Park
James F. Lynch Park
Jerry Parks Youth Football Complex
John P. Munnley
Karen Park
Kellom Greenbelt
Kellom Park
Keystone Park
Kingswood East
Kingswood Park
Kiwanis Park
Knolls Golf Course
Kountze Park
Lake Forest Estates
Lake Forest Park
Lake James Park (St James)
Lamp Park
Lawrence Youngman Lake
Leavenworth Park
Lee Valley Park
Levi Carter Park
Lewis & Clark Landing
Little Elmwood Park
Logan-Fontenelle Park
Mandan Park
Maple Village Park
McKinley Park
Meadow Lane Park
Memorial Park
Mercer Park
Metcalfe Park
Miami Playground
Michael Thell NEA
Miguel Keith Park
Millard Heights
Millard Highlands Park
Miller Park
Millers Landing
Mockingbird Heights Park
Mockingbird Hills
Mockingbird Hills Community Center
Montclair / Westwood Park
Montclair Community Center
Montclair Park
Morton Park
Mount Vernon Gardens
Myott Park
N.P. Dodge Memorial Park
North Oaks Park
Northwest Park
Norwick Park
Oak Heights Park
Oakbrook Park
Oaks Park
Omaha Botanical Gardens
One Pacific Place Park
Orchard Park
Pacific Meadows Park
Pacific Point Park
Palamino Hills Park
Park East Park
Parkside Park
Peterson Park
Pheasant Run Park
Pinewood Park
Pipal Park
Pipal Park Community Center
Prairie Lane Park
Pulaski Park
Rambleridge Park
Raven Oaks Park
Regency Park
Ridgefield Park
Riverview (Henry Doorly Zoo)
Roanoke Park
Roberts Park
Rock Glen park
Rockbrook Park
Roxbury Park
Saddle Hills Park
Saddlebrook Community Center
Saddlebrook Park
Sandoz Park
Schroeder / Vogel Park
Seymour Smith Park
Sherman Community Center
Sherman Park
Signal Hill Park
Spaulding Park
Spring Lake Park
Standing Bear Lake
Stillmeadow Park
Storz Rugby Complex
Sunny Slope Park
Ta Ha Zouka Park
Templeton Mini-Park
Timber Creek Park
Tomahawk Hills Park
Torry Pines/Ponca Plains Park
Towl Park
Tranquility Park
Trendwood Park
Turner Park & Parkway
Unity Park
Upland Park
Walnut Grove Park
Walnut Hill Park
Walnut Ridge Park
Wentworth Park
West Fairacres Park
Westchester Park
Western Trails Park
Westgate Park
Westroads Parkway
Westwood Heights Golf Course
Westwood Heights Park
Whispering Ridge
White Hawk Park
Willow Wood
Woodhaven Park
Yale Park
Young Park
Youngman Connector
Zorinsky Lake

News and Events

  • Glenn Cunningham Lake Public Notice

    2019-09-06 19:15:05

    Glenn Cunningham Lake Public Notice The City of Omaha, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District, will hold a public meeting to seek input on a draft Environmental Assessment of additional recr ...

  • Big Papio Trail - Section Closure

    2019-08-16 17:56:52

    Omaha, NE (August 16th, 2019) - On Monday, August 19, 2019, a section of the Big Papio Trail between Towl Park and One Pacific place Park will be closed for three weeks so the Papio-Missouri River Natural ...

  • Riverfront Trail Closures

    2019-05-31 17:52:58

    Effective immediately, May 31, 2019, two sections of the Riverfront Trail will be closed.  A section of the trail from Crown Point Avenue & Ida Street to John Pershing Drive & the Minne Lusa Ditch along wi ...

  • Levi Carter Lake Boat Ramp Open

    2019-05-30 19:09:24

    Levi Carter boat ramp has been reopened as of June 19th, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. Thank you for your patience during the closure.   

  • Trails, Parks & Other Closings

    2019-03-14 21:14:40

    Due to the increased water levels/flooding, the following trails/parks/lakes have been closed: Glenn Cunningham Lake is closed until further notice. This includes the lake, playground, trails and disc golf course. Bi ...